LED display panel is a LED based display panel-adopting advance LED technology in the field of advertising and information dissemination. Led Wall can be use to display static pictures arranged in pre-programmed sequence as well as animation.

The Wall uses modular design, therefore, can be created with standard or user defined aspect ratios. Each display module incorporates dedicated microcontroller to deliver excellent colour and flicker free images. Pictures are stored and delivered from a dedicated CPU module with adequate processing power and storage capacity.

Places where LED Panels can be use

  1. District Bus Depot)
  2. In & Out Premises of Railway Stations
  3. Important Town Market Places)
  4. Important Crossings of Town
  5. Some Important Archaeological Places, Tourism Places
  6. Public places, Market etc.
  7. The purposes of installation of LED Screens are

  8. Continuous Display of important information for the Citizen of District town i.e. Current Time, Date & Temperature etc.
  9. Real time messages like Central & State Governments new updates & Information for the citizens can display at LED Screen at all location.
  10. Messages can be different on all locations but continuous display of Time, Date & Temperature would be same on all locations.
  11. Messages Display is on multi colors.
  12. Static picture & Videos can be also display.
  13. Government can sell this space or do public private partnership through add for revenue generation.


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