• Server Consolidation -

    Server consolidation refers to the use of a physical server to accommodate one or more server applications. It makes it possible to share a server’s compute resources among multiple applications and services simultaneously. The primary objective is to reduce the number of servers required in an organization.
  • ERP Infrastructure –

    The infrastructure required to host an ERP solution is as important as choosing the right ERP application for your organization. We help you with identifying the infrastructure necessary to host an ERP at your organization.
  • Mail and Collaboration –

    Identifying the exact mail collaboration server required for your organizational needs and helping deploy the same.
  • Infrastructure Optimizing –

    It is Microsoft’s structured, systematic process for the assessment of an organization’s IT infrastructure and drafting a roadmap towards a dynamic IT. It helps companies to pro-actively identify risks and draft solutions for the same thereby implementing infrastructure optimization initiatives and cutting various costs.
  • Storage Consolidation -

    Storage consolidation, also called storage convergence is a method of centralizing data storage among multiple servers. This ensures easier data backup and archiving.


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