Inventory Management System

ATSInventory Management system is a user friendly application allows user to perform various inventory movement operations and to interact and manage the inventory movements. It helps in Manages/Tracks the inventory of Plant (Manufacturing/Plant warehouse) and Distribution Center. This application also analyzing & auditing forms of company, Item groups, Item Ledgers, Stock Info, Duties & Tax info & Reports along with Sale/Purchase Register (Datewise/Itemwise/Partywise). We Provides views product-wise/warehouse-wise to view the on line Inventory for Product at PLANT/warehouse and logical location level.

Module we cover

ATSInventory helps into to Manage

  • On line inventory available for products at all levels of storage.
  • Automated interfaces to all the other applications which affect the inventory, hence providing a consolidated view, to manage the inventory movement between the Plant, DC and Customer.
  • Integrated inventory management enables service fulfillment scenarios and quick time to activate services.
  • Get complete real-time visibility into demand, supply, costs and fulfillment measures and trends.
  • Manage margins with a clear view into inventory costs, turn rates and inventory profitability.
  • Eliminate manual inventory management processes and improve vendor satisfaction with a seamless procure-to-pay process.
  • Significantly improve your relationships with suppliers, vendors and partners by providing self service and real-time visibility.
  • Effectively and efficiently meet customer demand, helping drive and maintain superior customer service levels.
  • Meet your industry’s specific inventory management and purchasing needs with easily integrated add-on solutions available from
  • Manages the inventory movement between Plant Warehouse and Supplier.
  • Data security through mirror image and encrypted form of backup option & user wise entry level security.


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