File Tracking & Management Software

File Tracking & Management Software Systems allow for total records management systems on both an enterprise and local level. It helps in storage, retrieval, updating & searching of receipts and files. Tracking systems are not just limited to inside the office environment. Evidence rooms, media vaults, financial institutions, legal entities government agencies, cities and many more applications implement tracking systems to track anything and everything. Bar coding is perfect for line of site scanning, RFID for security and inventory in a fraction of the time bar coding takes. Document imaging for limiting the amount of paper in the workplace and for electronic forms, explanation of benefits and faster workflow in organizations.

File Tracking & Management Software Systems will save filing labor, file searching time, prevent files from vanishing, keep items secure from unauthorized eyes, automate file creation, allow for searching, requesting, reserving checked out items, automated on demand label printing, archiving from automated retention schedules, desk audits, take inventory, map out shelf locations, set up trailing document checklists, file destruction and many more features which all help to reduce costs. When implemented correctly, you will know exactly where your records are at all times before wasting valuable time and money searching for files.


  1. Easy tracking of receipt and files..
  2. Automated and faster system vis-a-vis long time spent to create File movement register manually..
  3. Easy tracking of receipts being merged or unmerged with a file.
  4. Easy tracking of files being linked or delinked from a file.
  5. Reduces paperwork.
  6. Categorize the files for making the system more efficient.
  7. Cost effective as it only needs only a browser at user level.
  8. Helps timely disposal of letters.
  9. Enforces a uniform working procedure.
  10. Easy to install, learn and use the system.


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