College-University Management System

  1. Student Information Management System:
    Student Lifecycle Management, Course structure or scheme of examination, class scheduling, student attendance. Mapping academic Details such as courses, papers, syllabi, fees, faculty Details etc.
  2. Admission Management:
    management of entire admission process starting from the admission offer announcement, ID card printing, student ID on system.
  3. Exam and Assessment Management:
    Providing functionalities related to pre exam, exam and post exam processes of the Institute.
  4. Fees Management:
    End to end management of fee setup, collection and accounting processes.
  5. Student Relationship & Counseling:
    Student profile management and maintenance, student related communication management, student services management career counseling, enquiry, and information activities.
  6. Student Trainings and Placements:
    Automation of placement cell, recruiters management.
  7. Alumni Management:
    Management of Alumni database and the ongoing interactions with Alumni members.
  8. Messaging System:
    Automatic and manual messaging management on the system
  9. Learning Management:
    Course management and administration, course calendar, learning content management and administration, self-paced learning, student attendance, online assignments and assessments.
  10. Portals:
    Student Portal, Parent Portal, Alumni portal
  11. Communication and Collaboration:
    Online Notice boards, discussions forums, email and chat capabilities.
  12. Manpower Information Management System:
    Payroll, leave and attendance.
  13. Recruitment Management:
    Pre and post recruitment management process automation, Re – Employment, Daily Wage Appointments/Temporary Status Employees, Contract Appointments/ Hiring of Agencies, Appointment of Consultants
  14. Employee performance management process:
    Appraisals and Increments handling, Ad hoc promotions
  15. Statutory Compliance:
    Provident Fund and Insurance, Pension and Superannuation,
  16. Faculty Management:
    Management and maintenance of faculty profile along with Addition in Qualification and Academic Achievements
  17. Employee Self Service (ESS):
    Employee Portal
  18. Accounting & Budgeting:
    An integrated financial accounting package, that is capable of producing all kind of financial statements like trial balance, balance sheets, Revenue receipts expenditure, profit & loss account etc.
  19. Account Payable Module
  20. Accounts Receivable Module
  21. Payroll
  22. Reporting and Dashboards
  23. Purchase Store and Inventory Management:
    Automation of the entire purchase cycle & distribution (issue & returns), purchase procedures & processes, procurement accounting of all items / assets such as Scientific Equipment/ Office Equipment/ Furniture / Printing
  24. Stock Keeping
  25. Asset & Estate Management:
    End to end management of assets of the institute by tracking of their movement, taking in account value addition or depreciation including condemnation and write off
  26. Library management:
    End to end comprehensive library management system.


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